International Maritime Confederation (IMC)
The IMC is the umbrella association of maritime organizations and marine societies on the European level.

In 1967 the Deutsche Marinebund (DMB) in cooperation with its French partner association Fédération des Associations de Marins et de Marins Anciens Combattants (F.A.M.M.A.C.) founded a joint organization.

This became the starting point for the IMC, whose statutes were put into force in 1972 within the framework of the DMB delegate meeting. Founding members were maritime associations and societies from Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Austria and Germany. In subsequent years Great Britain (Royal Naval Association) and Italy (Associazone Nationale Marinai d'Italia), joined the Federation. For every nation only one organization can join the association.

Since its foundation the federation has developed a number of different activities. Among them are the annual IMC conferences. The 38th conference will be held this year in the Netherlands. Larger numbers of participants are drawn by the international IMC conventions, which so far have been taking place every third year.  

The presidency of the federation is renewed every 3 years, the first having been occupied by France. Since the November 2021 Executive Committee, the presidency of IMC is held by the President of the Royal Naval Association (RNA).

Purpose and Functions
Purpose of the Federation is the joint furthering of maritime understanding and the promotion of maritime ideas on the basis of international cooperation.


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